Teacher PLD

We are pleased to be able to offer Teacher PLD and Learner Workshops that will support the implementation of a coherent NZC Digital Technologies learning pathway for Year 6-8+ in your school and cluster.

The purpose of the new curriculum is to enable learners to understand how new technologies work rather than just be users or consumers. What this means in the classroom is that the learner is firmly at the centre.

Discussion Starter:


Tamariki learn to develop and use computational thinking skills in a safe environment to explore, inquire, create, debug, test, feedback, collaborate, feed forward and to LEARN to THINK for themselves in structured ways. They also develop the skills and confidence to reach for new technologies, in order to manipulate them in new ways to help them further make sense of their world.  This is sound, modern, multi-modal pedagogy and this curriculum offers a unique opportunity to elevate our children to a new level.

Teacher & Learner Workshops

Information Workshop

Find out what NZC Digital Technologies is, what it means for your tamariki and school community and approaches for making it a reality

Workshop Series

This programme is based on the successful pedagogical model developed for the Strengthening Digital Technologies Project


A collection of activities and lesson plans for introducing programming and computational thinking to tamariki from years 6-8+