PLD for Teachers of Years 6-8+

Enabling e-Learning Interview with Tessa Gray Monday 7 May 2018

In this video, Ginette talks with Tessa about the new DT Curriculum and shares some ideas for integrating some key concepts into your existing teaching programmes.

Interview with a Guru: Ginette Van Praag from CORE Ministry Video on Vimeo.

More PLD Opportunities

Information Workshops

Informal introductory workshops with an opportunity to try for yourself.

Why the Raspberry Pi?

  • What is a Raspberry Pi and what can it do?
  • Raspberry Pi classroom solutions – what’s involved?
  • How can I use Raspberry Pi to teach NZC Digital Technologies?

Scratch Programming

  • What is Scratch and what can it do?
  • What device do I need?
  • How can I use Scratch to teach NZC Digital Technologies?

On-site Hands-on Workshops (with teachers and / or learners)

  • Deep dive into the Raspberry Pi
  • Deep dive into physical computing
  • Deep dive into programming

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