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Learning about Digital Technologies has the potential to be one of the most exciting and engaging experiences children can have in the classroom and few things are more satisfying than seeing kids learn through creativity. With the new NZC Digital Technologies coming into schools in 2018, Educators are at an exciting turning point – now it’s possible to combine creativity with new technologies, opening up whole worlds of endless possibilities!


The new Technology matrix

Note that, unlike other education systems, the national curriculum in New Zealand, does not provide teaching and learning programmes, but is an official policy statement that sets the direction for student learning.  It requires schools and CoLs to build their local curriculum out of this framework and for teachers to actively design the rich learning tasks that will provide the opportunities for all of their learners to progress their conceptual understanding.

Ministry of Education, 2017

Without a doubt there’s a significant learning curve ahead for Teachers. However, The Technology Hub has 15 years classroom experience in this space and was one of the 9 preferred suppliers for the Ministry of Education’s Strengthening Digital Technologies initiative, contracted to develop resources and best practice approaches in readiness for the new curriculum.

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