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This website is owned by The Technology Hub Ltd, one of the 9 nationally preferred suppliers for the Ministry of Education’s Strengthening Digital Technologies initiative.  We received funding from the initiative to trial the implementation of a teaching and learning programme for years 6-8+ using the Raspberry Pi computer.

For more information about our Strengthening Digital Technologies Project, visit the project page.

Teaching Resources Available Now!

As part of the project we developed teaching and learning materials which are now freely available for NZ Teachers under creative commons licence.  Please go here for more information.

NZC Digital Technologies – Our Approach

The Technology Hub – passionate about Digital Technologies

Learning about Digital Technologies has the potential to be one of the most exciting and engaging experiences children can have in the classroom and few things are more satisfying than seeing kids learn through creativity. With the new NZC Digital Technologies coming into schools in 2018, Educators are at an exciting turning point – now it’s possible to combine creativity with new technologies, opening up whole worlds of endless possibilities! Continue reading “NZC Digital Technologies – Our Approach”

The Project

Our project, Implement a coherent NZC Digital Technologies teaching and learning programme for years 6-8+ with the Raspberry Pi , was funded by the Strengthening Digital Technologies fund and ran for two terms in 2017 with 6 schools in the Wairarapa region.

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Teacher PLD

The purpose of the new curriculum is to enable learners to understand how new technologies work rather than just be users or consumers and the pedagogy we advocate places the learner firmly at the centre.

We are pleased to be able to offer Teacher PLD and Learner Workshops that will support the implementation of a coherent NZC Digital Technologies learning pathway in your school or cluster.

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Physical Computing Workshop Series

Introduction to Physical Computing with the Raspberry Pi

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Teaching Programme

  • Introduction to Raspberry Pi and its components
  • Introduction to Programming (using Scratch GPIO and / or Python)
  • Simple Circuits

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