The following areas of the Teacher’s Lounge have been updated:

  • Teacher Resources – Subject
  • Teacher Resources –  Assessment and Best Practice Materials

The updated Resources area offers a comprehensive range of links to materials that should help you with your course planning for the new year.  Useful goodies include a library of tools and links for learning most major programming languages (Windows 8 materials coming soon) on the new site for DT students –

Who we are

Want to know more about what we do?  Check out the newly updated about us page.


We’re also pleased to announce newly updated video demos to support the use of our unique device PConMe©.  The device can be downloaded free or you can purchase an 8GB stick with the device pre-installed for just $20. Check it out at

New Downloadable Resources

And finally, you may have noticed the new Teachers Pay Teachers widget in the sidebar? These new resources include quick how-to guides that can be used by students as well as teachers.

Learn how to create consistent website buttons, or run a maze game project using Scratch.  There’s also a toolkit for creating clipart using vector tools in Word!

Check out the Wikispaces project – it’s free to download. The paid-for resources are great value and are available to download from the TpT website.  Please note the currency is USD.