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From the Editor

The Original BOK materials for Digital Society are available for download and peer review in a Teacher’s Lounge exclusive.  Written as part of the materials development for the DTG project in 2007 (our Editor was a lead teacher), these materials have been on the shelf for almost four years…

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Computer Support Standards Reinstated

The following Level 3 standards have been reinstated under the Computer Support domain, by popular demand :

See the notice from NZQA here

Go here to visit the domain.

06/06/11 – Updated 14/08/2011

Clarification for DT Achievement Standards & Computing Unit Standards

In addition to clarification of some of the revised Unit Standards for Computing, the latest clarification for Achievement Standards 91071 (1.41) and 91072 (1.42) have also been released by the National Moderator.  Click here to view – Digital Technologies – Clarification.


Your Feedback is Requested

Niall Dinning, National Co-ordinator of Technology Education, MOE, today shared the latest release of the revised and updated Technology learning objectives on the NZACDITT mailing list, with a request for feedback from the DT teaching community – STKS+Objectives+(Updated+May+2011)+V2;

..This is being developed as a part of the Technology Teaching and Learning Guide process.  This is the first airing of the updated objectives with a wide group of teachers – the rationale for the changes is included in the document.

We do know that the indicators need a great deal of work.  They are simply the ones from the current Body of Knowledge to show a more complete picture of the proposed changes to the objectives.

I would value any feedback on the objectives. I’m happy to post the draft of the revised indicators when they are available too.


Niall Dinning

National Coordinator – Technology Education


To feed back, you can contact Niall via the Techlink website.


DT Teaching and Learning Guides

The long awaited DT Teaching and Learning Guides are here!

Click on the links below to download the pages as Word files (docx) or click here to see them online at TKI.

Teaching and Learning Guides

Teaching and Learning Guide INFO 6_2

Teaching and Learning Guide MDIA 6_1

Teaching and Learning Guide MDIA 6_2

Teaching and Learning Guide PRCS 6_3

Teaching and Learning Guide PRCS 6_2

What do you think?

Reviewed Unit Standards List for 2011

The following standards have been updated by NZQA:

  • 2781 V7
  • 2785 V7
  • 2788 V7
  • 2791 V7
  • 2790 V7
  • 5957 V7
  • 18734 V4
  • 18739 V4
  • 18740 V4
  • 18741 V4
  • 25662 V2
  • 25782 V2
  • 25656 V2

Go here for the new materials.