Introducing PC on ME©

DFRAG have released a cool virtual machine hack – creating a virtual computer on a stick!

PConME© is designed to be a computing sandbox so young people can deepen their understanding of how a computer works without the risk of damaging valuable hardware and system installs.

This technology is ideal for education because it provides a computing sandbox for very little cost – a space to explore, discover and experiment; with a virtual computer there are no expensive repairs – simply reinstall a new image and go again. Awesome.

An exciting aspect of the hack is that, unlike other ‘live installs’ it can be run directly from a 4GB+ datastick without the need to reboot – just plug and play.  Great for encouraging home enthusiasts – take the device anywhere and use it on any computer running Windows XP or 7.

PC on Me© is available to download free from Sourceforge, CNET, Schoolforge and Softpedia.

You can also register your interest for a preinstalled datastick, which will be available soon.

There is a discussion forum on the download page at Sourceforge, and users are encouraged to feed back, especially if they identify bugs, or come up with new exciting features of their own. 

To find out more, including printscreens and specs check out the PC on Me© website.