Here at the Teacher’s Desk we are careful to present the best and most useful information to Digital Technologies Teachers.

In pursuit of high quality information for our readers, we recently published material from the Northland Best Practice Workshop without the explicit permission of the Ministry of Education.

Copyright Breach

Although the source of the slideshow was clearly stated, and it had been posted as is, we have been advised that we are in breach of the Ministry’s copyright protocols.

We have removed it at their behest and apologise for any distress caused.

These materials contain very useful information for DT Teachers. We ask the Ministry of Education to please make them available for download from their own websites.


Copyright is insiduous and affects every facet of our lives – so much so, that Kiwi Sam Muirhead has gone to Berlin to try and live a year Open Source in an attempt to break free. GM seed patents are having a horrendously negative impact on the global food supply and the latest extradition laws now put corporations and their profits above human rights.

Where’s the common sense?

Good Question

Why can’t state funded educational resources lead the way and be open source?

Great Answer

Updated 05/09

In actual fact a new initiative has been launched recently to specifically address the issue of making copyrighted government materials available for release to others:

We have requested the release of the following materials:

Part 1 BPW folder:
Assessment Rubric docx
OTSE Questions and Answers docx
Unpacking 91368 docx
L1-L2 ppt

Watch this space.

We need copying to build a foundation of knowledge and understanding. And after that… things can get interesting.

Kirby Ferguson