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As Director of DFRAG, the company that brings you the Teacher’s Lounge, I’m excited to announce that we intend to offer skills focused professional development workshops to support the implementation of Digital Technologies in NZ schools.

So that we can guarantee that these workshops will meet the needs of the DT Teacher Community we need your input.

We would be very grateful if you would please spare some of your time to provide us with your feedback. The form should take no more than five minutes to complete.

Simply click on this link:

DT Workshop online poll

If you prefer you can download the poll as a pdf file to complete offline and submit later at your convenience.

DT Workshop Poll August 2013.pdf

If you are part of a department, or a DT cluster, please share these links with your colleagues so they can contribute their feedback too.

The Workshops

The workshops will be designed to compliment the existing pd offered by NZQA, MOE and NZACDITT and will be in the following areas:

  • Junior DT Learning Pathways (years 7-10)
  • Digital Technologies Learning Pathways
    (Levels 1-3)
  • Skills for Digital Information Levels 1-3
  • Skills for Digital Media Levels 1-3 and
  • Generic Technology

Importantly, the workshops will run regularly throughout the year, according to the needs of the Community. They will be delivered by experienced Digital Technologies Teachers and will run in the main centres of Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.

Your Feedback Is Important

We look forward to hearing from you.  Click here to complete our online poll now.

Nga Mihi

Ginette Van Praag

Digitech Friendly Resources & Gear

More Essential Resources

Annotated exemplars for external DT standards 91070 and 91074 have been updated and are available for viewing / download on the NZQA website.

See right for updated links.

Essential Reading

The 2011 Technology Assessment Report (Level 1) is now available: 

91070 Demonstrate understanding of basic concepts of information management
Candidates who were awarded Achievement for this standard demonstrated the
required skills and knowledge. They typically:
• identified an operating system and provided a general description of two or three key
features of that operating system
• identified at least two common software applications and provided a description of
more than one key feature of each software application
• described correct procedures for structuring and naming files and folders
• described a common technique used for compressing files
• described a procedure to manage a threat to data such as installing virus protection
software or performing regular back-ups
• described ethical issues related to information management


Click here to view the whole document.


Must see  – workshop sessions from the Christchurch NZACDITT Symposium 2011 and The Google CS4HS workshops

If you missed these great events, no problem!  The organisers have put together recordings from a broad range of sessions to support DT Teacher PD.

Highlights from CS4HS include NZCS keynote speakers, student perspectives and ways to unpack and assess the Computer Science and Programming knowledge standards, including exemplars.

Visit the Google CS4HS channel here

The videos from the NZACDITT Symposium cover a broad range of material including course planning, computer programming and digital media.

Visit the NZACDITT Christchurch Symposium 2011 channel here