About Us

The Technology Hub specialises in these key areas:

  • Curriculum planning and teacher PLD for NZC Digital Technologies years 6-10
  • Raspberry Pis – the fantastic little computer that’s capable of teaching big ideas
  • Delivery of FITS Framework for ICT Technical Support Certified Training

Ginette Van Praag – Owner/Operator


Summary of Practice

Ginette has been a Digital Technologies educator, Leader of Learning and IT Infrastructure middle manager in New Zealand and in the UK.  She is a registered teacher and an accredited Practitioner in the Framework for ICT Technical Support (FITS). Ginette has over 15 years experience working with and teaching Digital Technologies in mainstream schools.

She has been developing her pedagogy as an eTeacher in the online space and has completed post-graduate papers in eLearning Design and the teaching of NCEA Computer Science through the University  of Canterbury.

She actively promotes creative computing in the wider community and in 2014 co-founded the 3C’s Raspberry Pi Computer Club for the 8-12 age group at Whangarei Central Library.

Ginette is also in her third year contract as National Coordinator and e-Learning Facilitator for the VLN Primary School. She is responsible for the day-to-day running of VLNP,  and teaches weekly programming and computer science online classes to children in schools across New Zealand.  See here for more.

PLD Portfolio

Ginette has developed and facilitated NCEA Digital Technologies Workshops, Course Counselling and Programme Planning in this subject area to Digital Technologies teachers across New Zealand.

Participation in Our DT Workshops

The Technology Hub is one of just 9 preferred suppliers for the Strengthening Digital Technologies Fund, facilitating a coherent NZC teaching and learning programme for years 6-8+ with the Raspberry Pi.

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Raspberry Pi & DT


FITS Certification


Level 2 Digital Technologies Learning Workbook

Ginette is also co-author of the Level 2 Digital Technologies Learning Workbook from ESA Publications